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The Effects of Working Night Shifts on Your Health ... The risk for ulcers in the small intestine was nearly double in night shift workers. Other Concerns The sleep deprivation that usually results from working nights can cause lapses in judgment, reduced cognitive ability and decreased attention, making night shift workers more vulnerable to car accidents and work errors.

Study: Night Shift Impacts on Productivity and Health ... This study highlights the potential problems related to working night or extended shifts - poor productivity and health risks. Although changing work methods can reduce the need to work at night, a night shift is unavoidable in some industries. Associations Between Night Work and Anxiety, Depression ... Introduction. Shift work has been reported to be associated with various mental complaints, including anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue , , , , , , , .Scott and colleagues found night work to be a risk factor for major depressive disorder, especially for women . How Fluorescent Lights Affect You and Your Health Short of bringing in sunlight itself, you can bring in a light source with a fuller spectrum. There are some "full spectrum" and "daylight spectrum" fluorescent lights on the market that have a better color temperature spread than regular fluorescent lights, so they do help, but they don't replace sunlight. Shift Work: Nutrition Tips to Stay Healthy: (EUFIC)

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The risk of developing breast cancer is higher among women who have worked at night, according to new research. The study compared the careers ofSo the Inserm researchers examined the effect of night work on the health of women in a major population study carried out in France between 2005... The Health Effects of Night Shifts - The Atlantic Newly discovered health risks of working night shifts keep coming out: higher risks of coronary artery disease, diabetes, weight gain, and some cancers.Night-shift jobs and their associated health risks tend to fall to people of lower socioeconomic status, so the risks of shift work tend to go ignored. Zero Hour workers twice as likely to workhealth risk” … Night-working has been shown to increase long-term health impacts, such as heart disease, shortened life expectancy and risk of cancer.“Zero-hours workers regularly work through the night for low pay, putting their health at risk. And many face the constant uncertainty of not knowing when... Health Risks Of Night Shifts The least health risks occur with regular daytime work. People exposed to rotating night shifts suffer from poor sleep. They have a higher risk of gaining weight, getting obese and acquiring diabetes in time.

28 Jan 2019 ... As more and more people opt to work through the night, health ... into an unnatural cycle that puts them at a higher risk for health hazards.

It is more common in mental health patients, alcoholics, and people suffering from stress. Normal lifestyle of a person can go haywire if one fails to identify the early symptoms of Insomnia. Potential risks to human health of LEDs

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Shift worker health and safety | January 2019 | Safety+Health ... The prevalence of shift work has spurred multiple studies on its potential adverse effects on employee health and safety. Among the studies is 2017 research from Chinese and Dutch scientists that found permanent night shift workers are 29 percent more likely to become overweight or obese than workers on rotating shifts. Night working hours: Health assessments - GOV.UK


WebMD explains what shift work sleep disorder is and how you can maintain a healthy life and get the sleep you need while working late shift hours. The risks of night work - Night work and fatigue may also contribute to the risk of heart disease and cancer, according to research by Violanti, Vila and colleagues (Policing, Vol. 30, No. 2). Working with 98 Buffalo, N.Y., police officers, the researchers looked for metabolic syndrome — a combination of symptoms that contribute to poor heart health and diabetes ... Shift Work and Health: Current Problems and Preventive Actions A large, recent Danish study based on national Registers has found a higher risk of post-term birth in those working on fixed night work as compared with day work (OR = 1.35), a higher risk of full-term low birth weight (OR = 1.80) for fixed evening work, and a slight excess of small babies for their gestational age (OR = 1.09) associated with ...

Are Women Who Work Night Shifts at a Higher Risk for… Night-shift work and risk of breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 138(1), 291-301. doi:10.1007/s10549-013-2433-1.National Cancer Institute at the National Institute for Health (NIH). (2012). Breast Cancer Risk in American Women. Top 10 Negative Health Risks Of Working Night Shift